Terms of Service

Morisawa Trading Limited. is a tailor-made service for customers using its online shopping service in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein.

If you intend to use Morisawa Trading Limited services or just want to browse the Morisawa Trading Limited website, please read these terms and conditions carefully before use, because these terms and conditions govern your rights and obligations under the law when using the website.


By using this website or any part thereof, you are deemed to agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.

1. "Customer" means all persons who have registered for the services of Morisawa Trading Limited to purchase products and/or use this website.

2. "Delivery Information" refers to the information that customers must provide when placing an order for products through this website.

3. "Password" means the personal password required by the customer to access this website.

4. "Price" means the price of the Product payable by the Customer to Morisawa Trading Limited.

5. "Product" means any and all products posted on this website for sale.


1. Customers must ensure that the details provided by them at the time of registration or at all times are true, complete and up-to-date.

2. When customers register to use this website, they will be required to set a password. To prevent fraud, customers are required to keep their passwords safe and not reveal or share them with anyone.

3. If Morisawa Trading Limited has reason to believe that the security of this website has been compromised or abused, Morisawa Trading Limited may require the customer to change the password, otherwise Morisawa Trading Limited may suspend the customer's account.


1. Morisawa Trading Limited. Every effort should be made to ensure that the prices of products on this website are up to date, but Morisawa Trading Limited reserves the right to change the prices of products without any notice.

2. If we mistakenly price a product too low and we have notified you of the fact before dispatching the relevant product to the customer, we will not be responsible for offering you the product at the price listed.

3. There may be discrepancies between the online bill and the final bill due to product out-of-stock, substitutes, special offers, daily price changes and weighing products. Morisawa Trading Limited. reserves the right to adjust the online bill and such adjustment shall be indicated on the final bill presented to the customer upon delivery of the product.

4. Morisawa Trading Limited. may from time to time establish credit limits for individual customers.


1. Morisawa Trading Limited shall make every effort to ensure that the product details and dimensions on this website are up to date, but Morisawa Trading Limited. reserves the right to change product details without any notice.

2. Morisawa Trading Limited reserves the right to provide customers with the closest product in price and size if the actual size of the product may not fully conform to the specifications described on this website.

3. Morisawa Trading Limited shall make every effort to execute the order placed by the customer through this website, but if Morisawa Trading Limited. refuses or fails to complete the order for any reason (including product unavailability, supply shortage or product revision), Morisawa Trading will not be able to complete the order. Limited is not liable to anyone.


1. Customers should pay Morisawa Trading Limited. the price of products ordered through this website by credit card.

2. Morisawa Trading Limited. may change the payment method for the price of products ordered through this website at any time, and such changes can be notified to customers by email, mail or announcements posted on this website.

3. For registered credit card payments, the customer shall provide Morisawa Trading Limited. with accurate, complete and up-to-date credit card information and represent to Morisawa Trading Limited. that the use of the credit card (details provided) is authorized and legal.

4. Customers are responsible for updating their registration details with Morisawa Trading Limited., including credit card details. It is also the customer's responsibility to notify the relevant bank of any changes to his personal details, or loss, theft or unauthorized use of the credit card.