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Chinchilla - Antibacterial Vacuum Stainless Steel Kettle

Chinchilla - Antibacterial Vacuum Stainless Steel Kettle

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Dimensions: Diameter 116 x Height 120mm
Total capacity: 550ml (Medium container: 230ml, main body 320ml)

Material composition: medium container and lid: polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Packaging: silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Bottom plate: thermoplastic elastomer (heat-resistant temperature 70°)
Body Cover: Stainless Steel (Acrylic Paint)
Stop ingredients: Stainless steel

For cold noodles, curry soups, pancakes and hot bowls!
The medium-sized container that separates the rice and the ingredients has packaging that prevents the soup from leaking out!
It's delicious even when served over rice before eating!

Vacuum double-layer structure lunch box with excellent thermal insulation.

Includes Somen's lunch recipe.
* Do not put liquid soup directly into the container. There is a risk of leakage.
It is convenient to use the noodle soup in a pocket that is easy to carry.

* Only the plastic liner can be microwaved.
Never use the main unit in a microwave oven.

Insulation effect: above 51 degrees (6 hours)
Cooling effect: below 13 degrees (6 hours)

Types of antibacterial agents used: Inorganic antibacterial agents
Processing method: kneading
Processing part: whole (excluding metal parts)


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