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Ariel Cutting Board I Antibacterial Double Sided Non-Slip

Ariel Cutting Board I Antibacterial Double Sided Non-Slip

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Origin: Japan
Material/Ingredient: Material main body: PP resin (with antibacterial agent) (heat-resistant temperature 90℃)
Edge: Elastomer rubber (heat-resistant temperature 90℃)
Packing: individually packaged
Dimensions (approx.) 263 x 185 x 6 mm Weight (approx.) 205 g
Glitter in the light!
Just decorating it and leaving it will give you a gorgeous impression!
Not only can kids use it as a kid-safe knife, but it's also great for slicing fruit and making small cuts, like preparing breakfast.
It is reversible and can be used appropriately according to the purpose!
Due to the anti-slip treatment, the cutting board is not easy to move and can be used safely.
It also comes with an antibacterial cutting board holder that can be cleaned, which is very hygienic☆

* When not in use, please store it in a well-ventilated place.
* When using fish dishes, please wet the cutting board in advance to avoid getting dirty.
* After use, please wash with detergent as soon as possible, wipe off moisture, and dry


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