Purchase process

Customers should pay attention before purchasing
All purchased products are guaranteed to be 100% genuine

1. Select the purchased product and add it to the shopping cart

2. <shopping cart> Select checkout in the shopping cart (you can add a note to the order if necessary)

3. <Notice page> Fill in the relevant personal information on the notice page (please fill in the real contact information, so as not to be unable to check the guest information)

4. <Shipping method> Shipping method (more services will be launched)

5. <Payment> Fill in the payment method on the payment page. (Use Payme/FPS/bank transfer to take a screenshot and upload a photo in the form of whatsapp to prove and protect both parties) WhatsApp: 5224 4494

⚠️Pay with bank/Payme/FPS, please remember to record the deposit number after depositing, and upload relevant information as proof.

⚠️Since most of the products are collected from all over the world. The delivery time will also vary (about 7-20 days)

It is recommended to purchase after inquiry.

⚠️No refunds will be given to buyers for orders submitted by ❌; unless the stock is damaged or out of stock, the full amount can be refunded

⚠️You can check the status of the customer's own order by logging in.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.